Our Staff - ccpseniors

Hi, my name is Timmie and photography is a huge part of my life. I fell into the business 14 years ago when I picked up a part time job in a portrait studio when my first born was a newborn. I am a mother of two and married to my husband Michael. Ever since the day I picked up a camera I have strived to be an exceptional photographer. I loved the business so much that my hubby (Michael) and I had decided to invest in our own studio, Creative Captures. I am dedicated to the creation of your cherished images and love the atmosphere and significance of weddings, engagements, high school seniors, maternity, and much more, we have found to capture that in timeless, beautiful images is not only thrilling but satisfying. I’m an award winning photographer and want to creatively capture your moments

Hi, my name is Noel and photography is one of my passions. I started with an internship with Creative Captures when I was a senior in high school. I helped Timmie with a high school football game since I was the manager and Timmie saw creativity in me that I didn’t know I had. I have since graduated and this will be my 4th wedding season with Timmie as her main assistant. I love freezing time with photography and love the beauty and romance of weddings. I tend to be the one that takes the artsy, photo journalistic style images. With Creative Captures I also shoot most of the high school seniors.

Creative Captures also has a few other photographers that we pull from in case of an emergency or a need to book an additional wedding on an already booked date. Although we strive to only have one wedding on a day, on a case by case basis, we will book an additional wedding if Noel and I can each be at a wedding. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this please let us know. Thank you for considering Creative Captures as your wedding photographers!!

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